TRONEX was born from a process of innovation in the world of entertainment and music, seeking the integration of complementary businesses. For this reason, from the first moment the Company contemplated the development and manufacture of a red battery that will work for all the discharges, mainly of lanterns, toys and audio players.

We started with the manufacture of D, C and AA batteries, mainly for portable stereo audio players from the 70's, later new battery production lines were developed. Nowadays, we are the only independent battery factory in Latin America, founded after the Second World War, which continues to operate in the national territory.

In the 80's, alliances were consolidated for the manufacture of Zin Carbón - Manganeso batteries and it is the philosophy of the company to position the TRONEX brand so it lasts over time, as a manufacturer of superior quality batteries.

In the 90's, other alliances were generated in Indonesia for the development of alkaline batteries, with the best suppliers of raw materials from all continents; This is as specialized as the raw materials for food, and therefore its homogeneity and purity are key to the success of our product.

The learning process and the acquired experience of market analysis and the recognition of our products, has facilitated the detection of new opportunities to enter the industrial sector. This is how, in the year 2000, our TRONEX INDUSTRIAL Business Unit was created to serve sectors such as Telecommunications, the Manufacturing Industry, the Financial Sector, Oil, among others.

Later, we ventured into the governmental sector and into applications in alarms, ups, rectifiers, medical equipment and toys. We are currently a leading company and recognized in the Industrial sector for our services, product quality and our mtek battery brand, which manages a complete range of energy storage solutions for different applications, characterized by its safety and reliability thanks to its high performance.

In 2003, as part of the industrial business, TRONEX establishes a distribution agreement with one of the three largest global manufacturers of lead-acid batteries in the United States, and the Motive Power (MP) Business Unit is created, which it would be transformed to the Business Strategic Unit TRONEX LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS, to meet the needs of the Logistics sector and consolidate itself as a leader in the category of industrial batteries of driving force.

Innovation has been a strategic and fundamental part of our Company, promoting the research and development of new models that improve the productivity and efficiency of our products. This is how we obtained a patent in 2008 for an improvement developed in batteries R03 (AAA Zinc carbon) which makes it unique worldwide providing safety features superior to other batteries of the same reference.

In 2010, business and distribution grew, expanding the battery and battery product portfolio and starting to market other types of complementary household products such as light bulbs, ligthers, among others.

Subsequently, the Large Format business unit was created, in charge of managing large areas and multiple distribution channels; specialized in the representation and commercialization of self brands of TRONEX S.A.S. Years later, the unit is transformed into a Strategic Business Unit for Mass Consumption, including in its portfolio the exclusive representation of leading brands worldwide, for our country.

Parallel to the Company's continuous growth, a strategy of direct sales to neighborhood stores is being built and consolidated at the national level, under the promise of visiting the seller on the same day and time each month, offering the entire portfolio of products and establishing a unique relationship with these customers.

In 2012, the first online sales project was developed through the E-commerce model, to venture into digital sales through the virtual platform TiendaTronex.com. Then, the ConecTAT project is structured, a computer application that allows shopkeepers to make their purchases digitally, to receive their order within 24 hours, also becoming part of our distribution network.

In 2013, it began with a formal innovation process under the leverage of INNpulsa Colombia, in order to structure and achieve the Company's maximum potential hand in hand of innovation, offering specialized services and financing strategies.

Nowadays, the work done focuses on an Innovation system and is projected through a model defined with the Innovatio + Ideas con poder program, the company's flagship organizational project that aims to make tangible and add value to our company.